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Lyndon and Sin: The Dynamic Duo at RQC Group

At RQC Group, the bond between Lyndon Mitchell and his Schnauzer support dog, Sin, from the ‘Young Diggers’ program, epitomises our values of connection and resilience.

In the heart of RQC Group, a company deeply rooted in values of respect, quality, and connection, there’s a special bond that perfectly epitomises these principles: the profound partnership between Lyndon Mitchell, our diligent Workplace Health and Safety Compliance Manager, and Sin, his loyal Schnauzer support dog from the ‘Young Diggers’ program.

Lyndon’s commitment to our team has always been evident since he joined in July ’21. With a background boasting over 12 years of experience in various sectors, he has brought unparalleled expertise to the RQC Group. Yet, it’s his connection with Sin that captures our attention and heartstrings daily.

Sin isn’t just any dog. He is a proud member of the Young Diggers Dog Squad, a program dedicated to providing Assistance Dogs and ongoing training to Veterans and First Responders diagnosed with PTSD and associated mental health conditions. Every day, Sin walks into our office with a pep in his step, offering reassurance and a unique sense of camaraderie. His presence serves as a daily reminder of the importance of support, connection, and resilience.

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Before being a beacon of strength and dedication at RQC Group, Lyndon had a notable path. From serving as the WHS&E Manager for JLG in QLD & NT to his 14 years with the Australian Defence Force in both the Navy and RAAF, his journey is inspiring.

However, what truly shines about Lyndon isn’t just his impressive resume but his genuine embodiment of RQC’s core values. His bond with Sin—nurtured with mutual respect, understanding, and love—reflects the depth of connections we aim to nurture within our community.

At RQC Group, we believe in forging more than just professional ties; we build a close-knit family. With Lyndon and Sin gracing our midst, our family feels richer, more unified, and immeasurably warmer.


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