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About the RQC Group

Our Promise

We care through Respect, Quality & Connection

To put it plain and simple – we care.

That’s our promise and commitment to you. We live this through our core values of Respect, Quality & Connection – we believe so much in these values, that we named our business after them.

Our vision is to do good while doing good business. We do this by building strong relationships with our clients and our community. We continue to progress initiatives that involve community support and enhancement, recognising their significance to our clients and the communities and individuals involved.

Our Story

The RQC Group Pty Ltd (RQC Group) is a privately-owned business that began its operations in 2012. Initially, our primary focus was facility and maintenance management. 

In 2017, the company underwent a restructuring phase and expanded its services to include construction. In 2020, the RQC Group was established, with its name derived from our core values of Respect, Quality, and Connection.

Within the RQC Group, we have established separate business entities to ensure dedicated attention to our key operational areas. These include Diverse Building & Roofing Services, On Point Electrical, and RQC Developments.  Within Diverse Building and Roofing Services we also deliver painting and specialised coating services. 

Dedicated Managers lead these divisions supported by our senior management team and our Accounts/Administration team.

Today we provide construction, building, roofing, electrical, and painting services to various commercial, residential, and industrial clients. 

Our Business Entities

Diverse Building & Roofing Services Pty Ltd
Provides residential and commercial construction & roofing services.

On Point Electrical Pty Ltd
Providing electrical services.

The RQC Group Core Values

At the RQC Group, we are strongly focused on sustainable growth. On this journey, we will utilise our values of Respect, Quality, and Connection as key drivers in our search for customers and business partners.

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We will always act with due regard for the safety, feelings, wishes or rights of others.


Everything we do will suit its intended purpose while satisfying key stakeholder expectations.


We aim to strengthen our linkages through mutual understanding and strong communication, aiming to develop and expand together.

Some of our clients

The RQC Group works in genuine partnership relationships with our existing clients. We share common values and purpose in doing good while doing good business.


Construction and maintenance management of prize homes, and yourtown commercial properties in QLD and NSW. 

Churches of christ

Construction and maintenance of customer’s homes and COFC commercial properties supporting those in living-support properties. 

whittles body corpoate

Various repairs and maintenance projects including roofing, general building and rectification works. 

Mercy Community

Construction and maintenance of customer’s homes and Mercy commercial properties supporting those in living-support properties.

Hartley’s body corporate management

Roofing and property services including roof reports, roof repairs and complete re-roofing services; along with general building maintenance and construction services. 

Strata influence

Roofing works, working closely with committees and strata managers. 


Roofing repairs throughout SEQ. 


Completing roofing (and associated building works) projects for commercial building clients throughout SEQ. 

servicability map

Current Area of Serviceability

The RQC Group currently operates in South East Queensland & Northern NSW.

Our growth plan includes consideration of extending our area of operation. Several members of our leadership team have built and managed operations throughout Regional Queensland, Northern Territory, and NSW.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team has a wide range of experiences across our areas of operation. Having worked with commercial, residential and industrial projects our team brings a unique perspective to every project and every client.

RQC Group Senior Management

General Manager - Adam Wright

Adam Wright

Group Director & General Manager

Roger Till

Roger Till

Group Director, Chariman & Executive Manager – Strategy, Growth & Developments

RQC Group operations support

Lyndon Mitchell from RQC Group

Lyndon Mitchell

WHS & Compliance Manager

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