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Meet Graham Dale – The New Manager at Diverse Building and Roofing Services

We’re delighted to introduce Graham Dale as the Manager of Diverse Building and Roofing Services (DBRS).

As RQC Group continues its legacy in the construction industry with its various specialised ventures, we’re delighted to introduce Graham Dale as the Manager of Diverse Building and Roofing Services (DBRS).

Graham’s Journey with RQC Group 

Graham joined the RQC Group early in 2022. He firmly upholds the Group’s values of Respect, Quality, and Connection. This is evident in the way he approaches his role, always striving for excellence in the projects that DBRS delivers.

A Passion for Excellence

Graham is more than just a manager; he’s an experienced professional who values great customer service, focused strategies, and clear results. Throughout his career, he’s held important roles and is skilled at handling challenges in complex situations.

Graham brings to DBRS:

  • Expertise in strategic and operational plan development and their seamless delivery.
  • A strong customer centric focus.
  • Financial acumen with an emphasis on cost optimisation and efficiency enhancement to the benefit of customers.
  • A proven track record of establishing and maintaining supplier partnerships that emphasise mutual value delivery.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement, driving the team towards consistent growth.
  • Extensive experience in enterprise and operational risk management.
  • Proficiency in disaster event management, ensuring the team is always prepared for unforeseen challenges.

Graham has over 25 years of experience in high-level management and has worked in many industries. Some of his past roles include:

  • General Manager Claims at RACQ Insurance Ltd.
  • National Claims Manager at IAG Insurance NZ Limited.
  • Customer Service Coordinator at Moreton Bay Regional Council.
  • General Manager at Restorx Services, Johns Lyng Group.
  • Manager Earthquake Recovery at Tower Insurance New Zealand.

At RQC Group, we value talent that aligns with our beliefs and goals. With Graham Dale leading the DBRS team, we are confident in the success and completion of projects that go beyond our client’s expectations. 


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